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A few tips
''common sense'' to navigate safely on

Detect suspicious emails or text messages (SMS)

  • Clues :

    • If a so-called representative  contacts you by message, email or phone and asks you to pay a fee or transfer money.

    • The buyer is abroad and is not available on the phone and prefers to speak to you via msn.

    • You are asked for personal information (Name, address, telephone number).  

    • The buyer confirms that the price suits them OR asks you if it is your last price.

    • We are talking to you about transfer, bank transfer, bank deposit, transport company  or delivery.   Do not forward refunds or overpayments to anyone you do not know.

    • The buyer speaks in English or in French whose phrasing is bizarre and unusual.

    • Buyer says it's urgent, in a hurry, needs a quick response.

    • The buyer can have a family name such as Tremblay, Labonté or Therrien to give you confidence. Don't trust it.

Make a safe trade

  •   Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Know the name of the person you will meet before the exchange

    • Make the exchange with the person with whom he had previously agreed

    • Trade outside when possible

    • Ask for proof of identity at the very beginning of the meeting

    • Make the exchange during the day when it is clear and the visibility is good

    • Be accompanied

    • Make the exchange in a public place where there is a lot of traffic

ask questions

  • Ask your buyer questions.

    • Where does he live ?

    • If your buyer says they're overseas, far away, or on another continent, that's fishy.

    • Which item are they interested in?

    • Delete the name of your item for sale in the subject of your email and ask them what item they want to buy. If your interlocutor has no idea what you have to sell, beware.

  • In such cases, delete the message, mark it as junk, junk or spam in your mail filters.


In person

It is preferable to meet the seller or the buyer in person, so that you can carry out the transaction directly, face to face. It's the safest way to sell or buy.Bank transfers and check payments to people you haven't met and for property you haven't seen are not advised.

Beware of suspicious requests

If you are in communication with someone about an advertisement posted on the site, and they make suspicious requests, such as sending money through money transfer services or intermediaries such as Moneygram, MoneyBookers, Safepay Solutions, Western Union, Bidpay or Paypal, we encourage you to send us the message in question, and to cease all communication with this person.

" Too good to be true "

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and, when in doubt, refrain from carrying out any transaction.

The confidentiality of your personal information

You must never disclose your personal information, banking information, or your password to anyone.   Only provide your personal information when absolutely necessary, and only when a relationship of trust has been established.   Treat your personal information like you treat your money:   keep it safe from prying eyes.


Vehicle for sale –

Get the Carfax Canada report for vehicles registered in Quebec (Canada) - OR - Carfax US for vehicles registered in the United States.

A Carfax Canada/US vehicle history report can help you avoid fraud when buying a used vehicle. You can use this report to verify the vehicle's identification number (VIN) as well as its make and model using the information on the registration form and the vehicle's insurance application form. The Carfax Canada/US report will also tell you if the vehicle is subject to liens. This is important information because if the vehicle has an outstanding lien, the new owner could be held liable.

A Carfax report can help you confirm the current condition of the vehicle. This will let you know if it was imported correctly and can review the odometer reading. You will have access to information on past accidents, imports, registration, determination as well as odometer readings, all from verified sources. This report will also allow you to see if the vehicle has been stolen.


contact us

When you are confused about the content of a questionable ad, email, or any activity you find suspicious, let us know by clicking HERE.

Know that does not intervene in transactions between sellers and buyers.

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